Effects of Japanese calligraphy

Learing Japanese calligraphy brings about a lot of good changes for you.

What does turn up?

On Japanese calligraphy, a little bit of change in consciousness brings about a change on the letters scritto by yourself at that moment. This change is like a mirror.

On Japanese calligraphy, you write Japanese Kanji on the papar, consulting samples.In that time, you will write keeping in mind imporatant principles (for example “writing with the same in size” “justifying letters in accordance with underline”.

With respect and with consciousness for the principles, you will write very beautiful kanji-letters like the samples.Without the consciousness, you cannot write well.Good writing or bad writing depends a great deal on your frame of mind.

By learing Japanese calligraphy, you can perform mental concentration and inner dialogue.

You can develop your intellect.

Here is a photograph


How about Japanese calligraphy on the picture?

One person can think “the picture has a tremendous impact”.

Another can say “this calligraphy is like an animal in the wild”.

Ten persons have ten feelings.

The mind “Qi” of calligrapher is given to On Japanese calligraphy.

From Japanese calligraphy, you will feel the “Qi” of the calligrapher.

By learning Japanese calligraphy, you will learn the good frame of mind for the situations/conditions as follows;

When you want to get a feeling of peace

When you are struggling to find closure

When you want to make a cool-headed decision

When you have psychological disorder

How about learning Japanese Calligraphy? This is one of Japanese culture, very inteligence and ineresting.

Thank you!!



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