Kakikata= The way of writing

Japanese calligraphy is called Shodo. It is a form of an artistic writing of Japanese language.


An inkstick. They are called ” Sumi “. They come in unique designs with some writing of kanji that reminds you of grave stines. these blocks of sumi give off a certain smell which provides the atmosphere of Shodo.



ulberry paper called ” Washi “. ” Wa ” in Japnese stands for ” Japanese “. The standard types are called ” Hanshi ” It is about the size of washi paper. In Japanese ” Han ” means half. Hanshi are the half in size of Hankiri which is the size of ” Zenshi = Full-size paper ” verically cut into half.


An inkstone called ” Suzuri “. This tool is used to grind the inkstick against. The ground ink is deluted with water. One side is deeper than the other side. that’s where you make a pool of ink. On the other side which is shallow you adjust the ink on your Fude.



Like this you rub the stone-like sumi up and down on a suzuri.


A paper weight called ” Bunchin “. It is used to hold the Washi paper in place so it will securely stay while you are writing in caligraphy. The photo on the left is the standard type.



A cloth used for caligraphy is called ” Shitajiki “. It is a tool to be placed under the paper.  ( News paper is also used as well) as Shitajiki ) to prevent ink from bleeding through.



It is a way to practice that you search for examples omnline and copy the way they are written. Good fun way to practice writing and for learning kanji.


Place them on newspapers to dry after practice to avoid other things catching the color of sumi.


During preparation, water is poured into the inkstone and the inkstick is ground against it, mixing the water with the dried ink to liquefy it. As this is a time-consuming process, modern-day calligraphy provides liquid ink in a bottle called Bokuju  墨汁 bokujū. They are frequently used by beginners. More advanced students are encouraged to grind their own ink.


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