Big chance to be a SHIHAN(teacher) of Kochi Method Work Shop!

By completing this course, you can become a workshop SHIHAN(teacher) and get income as a professional.

Kochi will support you carefully and sincerely so that you can become a SHIHAN(teacher) and achieve success as a SHIHAN!


1・You must participate in every workshop and pass the certificate test.

2・You must pass an interview examination.

3・Person that follows the rule of Kochi Method

4・Person that is in favor of the philosophy of Kochi Method

5・Person that can do a workshop in the name of Kochi Method

【Kochi Method Lesson Sistem】

Please click here for the details and the schedule.

【The merit of SHIHAN】

1 You can gain all of the participation fee of your students, as your income.The more you have students,

   the more you can gain income.

2 The premium seminar is prepared for the SHIHAN. On the seminar, Kochi (the founder of Kochi Method)

    will show and teach new techniques.

3・Your name will be published on the Website and in the ad.We will help you hold your workshop.


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